6 New Industry Templates Available Today

It's our priority to make sure you’ve got plenty of example material to draw on for your project ideas. The beautiful thing about templates is that they’re a solid base on which you can start building on, and tailoring for client projects. Since all of our templates are gratis, feel free to try as many as you want. We intend to release new templates on a weekly basis. We’ll also adding functionality to old templates as new features are complete, so keep your eyes peeled and sign up to hear more.

  • Customise a Real Estate Template for Quick Learning

Real estate brokerage is great example of an industry that would often benefit from custom software. We put together a basic template with just a few forms that will help you or your clients manage listings, contacts, deals and viewings. It also facilitates collaboration to manage relationships with buyers and sellers, organize listings and streamline sales processes.

  • Other Templates Ready for Use This past Week

Here are the rest of the templates for this week. You can read more about each by heading to Composer 2 and choosing to start with a template. Each template contains forms, fields and automations that make a great base for each application.

Added: Real Estate Brokerage
Added: Department KPIs
Added: Vacations Manager Added: Sales Q&A
Added: Project Manager
Added: Employee On-Boarding Utlity

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