Attach images directly on mobile

With the introduction of the File field for forms, you can now directly attach images to new records on mobile (and web too, of course). This means that you can easily create, for example, an Expense Reports app, where you attach a picture of the receipt along side other information.

Other than that, user permissions are now reflected in the UI – if the end user does not have appropriate permissions, the remove/edit/add options are hidden.

There's also multiple other bugfixes – read below for details!

Added: Data Form: File field allows images to be attached on record creation
Added: Data: Example for REST API data source
Added: Admin: Preliminary Firefox compatibility, through Chrome and Safari remain only officially supported browsers
Improved: Admin: Minor UI graphics
Fixed: Permissions: Remove/edit/add options for resources are now hidden in the end user app according to the current user's permissions
Fixed: Comments: Can now remove comments on browser
Fixed: Relations: Clearly indicates now if it's not configured
Fixed: Multi-Column list: Fixed bug when using a Date field in a column

Harri Sarsa

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