Find directions with Map Marker, fixes to Tasks

We're pushing to make Composer 2 apps talk more with other apps on your device. This week's new feature is a simple but powerful integration – when you click on a marker in the Map Marker module, Google Maps/Apple Maps opens with directions to the marker's location.

The Tasks module has also been updated to show a red flag in the tasks list for overdue tasks, alongside with many other smaller fixes that make the module function a lot smoother.

To access the updated module, remember to re-publish your app!

Added: Map Marker module: Open directions in Google Maps/Apple Maps by tapping on the marker.
Improved: Tasks module: If a task is past its due date, a red flag is show in the task for the task.
Fixed: Tasks module: A lot of fixes and fine-tuning, significant improvements to usability.

Harri Sarsa

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