Get data in with External Triggers (Webhooks)

We want it to be as easy as possible to bring in data from outside sources into your Composer 2 app. This week, we released External Triggers for automation rules, allowing you to bring in any data via POST requests.

You can access the external triggers by going to the Automation section from the top menu and then selecting the External Trigger tab from the left-side menu. Then, you will be able to configure what kind of data you want to receive, after which Composer will auto-generate a unique webhook (i.e. web address to send POST requests to) for you, complete with an authentication API key to ensure security. Read the External Triggers guide for more!

  • Upload custom logos

You can now upload custom logos to your composer app by selecting Design > Theme from the top menu.

Added: External triggers for automation rules (see guide)
Fixed: Incomplete configurations for email actions are no longer allowed
Improved: Custom logos can now be uploaded
Improved: Fixes to user management workflow

Harri Sarsa

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