Major UI revamps, Multi-Column List, Calender

The UI for all Composer core modules has been completely revamped, with many functional and usability improvements included. The updated modules are Single-Column List, Details, Tasks, Comments, Files, Chat and Relations.


For example, the new Details module lets you edit data inline, instead of having to open a new edit view.

The improvements are too many to list here comprehensively. so instead you should see the updated Modules documentation and see for yourself all the new changes.

There's also some known issues we're working to iron out ASAP, including that the most modules don't generate notifications for the Minifeed module properly. We're working on a revamped Minifeed module called Notifications, which will fix the issue – our apologies for the inconvenience!

  • New Module: Multi-Column List

The List module has been split into two. The Single-Column List module now only lets you choose single field to display for each record. The new Multi-Column List module, on the other hand, lets you select multiple fields and also works on mobile. The main difference between the two modules is the list UI (especially on mobile).


New Multi-Column List module includes filters.

All existing apps that used the old List module with more than one shown field selected have been migrated to use the Multi-Column List module instead.

  • New module: Calendar The new Calendar module lets you show data records based on the contents of a Date field they have. It can replace a regular List module or be shown alongside it.


Calendar module on mobile.

Currently, it's only showing full day events, but support for start and end times is coming up.

  • Tweaks to the Admin UI There's also a few tweaks to the Composer Admin UI, to make the flow of app development smoother. The old "Open App" modal dialog has been replaced with a Publish & Launch button at the bottom edge of the screen.


Clicking on it lets you start an app update or launch the app:


The mobile QR code has been moved to the web app login page, and is also accessible via the Mobile App menu item when you're logged in to the web app.


New web app login screen.

Improved: UI and usability revamps to all core modules (see docs) Added: Calendar module
Added: Multi-Column List module
Added: Tweaks to the admin UI
Added: Mobile QR code now accessed via the web app

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