Module bug fixes and additions

We've been cracking down on some old and new bugs after the modules revamp (see previous changelog post), so without further ado, see below for the list of fixes.

App Republish Needed: Note that you need to republish your app for the fixes to take effect.

Improved: Module performance improved across the board.
Added: Multi-column List: List items can be opened in the new tab/window with right click.
Added: Tasks: Filter by assigned user and state.
Fixed: Multi-Column List: No longer throw werror when there's no data.
Fixed: Tasks: No longer show the related record collection name in list of tasks.
Fixed: Comments: Input field is no longer clipped.
Fixed: Comments: Send button no longer appears disabled.
Fixed: Multiple modules: Show user's full name instead of username for User-type fields.

Harri Sarsa

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