New Sections Flow and Custom Web Modules

We've done a major UX/UI overhaul to how sections are created in Composer 2. We hope this will make it easier to get going with your app and keep on top of what you're creating.

In addition, custom modules can now be developed and deployed for the web also. These updates are available now (remember to update Steroids CLI and Supersonic versions if you're developing modules).

We've also redone the Getting Started guide, so check that out too!

See the full changelog at the end of the post.

  • Sections UI/UX flow redesigned After going through user feedback and using the tool ourselves a lot, it became clear that the original flow for creating Sections/Forms was confusing. Previously, you began building your app by creating your first form and then creating a section for that. It felt like you were working with something very abstract, and it took a long time to get to the interface builder and in the context of really building a mobile/web app.

We learned from our mistakes: Sections menu item is now removed and instead the Interface Builder is the main view, with a button to add new sections.

We also cleaned up the navigation a bit – Users are now found under Settings, and Theme and Navigation are found as separate links in the Interface Builder view.

The new UI flow puts you directly into the interface builder after creating a new app, giving you a solid feel of what you're working with. Try it out yourself, or read through the redone Interface Builder tutorial for more details!

  • Only publish the changes you want

The web version of your app now no longer auto-updates, but instead the "Update App" button will update both the mobile and web versions of your app at the same time. This ensures they are never in different states, and you can hone your changes before publishing them to the end users.

  • Custom Web Module development

You can now develop and deploy modules for the web also. You need to update your Steroids CLI to the latest version, which will give you access to the web module development harness in the Steroids Connect screen. Read through the updated Custom Modules documentation for more!

Improved: Web app: Demo user credentials are now autofilled for faster login
Fixed: Web app: Custom logos now show up correctly in the web app navigation bar
Added: Module development: Web development harness is available Improved: Admin: Redone UX/UI flow for creating Sections
Improved: Admin: Web app no longer auto-updates, but is instead updated alongside the mobile app when publishing changes.
Improved: Admin: Users top menu item moved under Settings
Improved: Admin: Navigation and Theme top menu items are now available under Interface Builder
Added: Docs: New Getting Started guide
Added: Docs: Improved Custom Module Development docs

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