Revamped Interface Builder

To go with the Composer 2 public launch, we've today unveiled a completely revamped interface builder. See the new Academy video for it below!

With the new UI builder, we also have Composer 1 -style custom elements like buttons and images. The logic editor for them is not available yet (we're working on it right now), but they can be used as e.g. title images or to do mockups.

Check out also the updated Interface Builder guide!

  • Tabbed modules

It was clear to us from the beginning that as we add new modules, especially mobile interfaces are going to get crowded.

To help with that, we've rolled out the module tab bar that lets you include multiple modules on a page, and switch between them easily. You can enable it by dragging a module to the top of the mobile view in the interface builder.


Tabbed modules are enabled by dragging a module to the top of the mobile interface view

  • More browser compatibility

With this release, we also support Firefox and Internet Explorer in addition to Chrome and Safari, in both the Composer 2 tool as well as web apps. Please report any issues!

  • New publish menu

There's a new, slicker publish menu in Composer 2. It lets you launch the mobile app separately, as well as notifying you when there are unpublished changes in your app.


New publish menu

  • Other fixes When developing some apps that had live users, we found that for the most part, we didn't want to set up individual permissions for everything we added to the app.

Thus, we made a change: the All Users default group now automatically gets full rights to all newly created resources and installed modules. You can still remove any rights from the group if you do not wish to share all of those things with all of your users, but we feel this makes app development smoother in most cases.

Improved: Interface Builder: Completely redone design
Improved: Launch Menu: Redone design
Added: Browser Compatibility: Support for IE and Firefox
Added: Mobile end user app: Tabbed modules
Fixed: End user app: Don't show edit/remove/add buttons if user don't have corresponding permissions
Improved: Data form module: New version with various improvements
Added: Data Form module: Clicking on a phone number field triggers a call
Improved: Data form module: Edit mode must be enabled separately to avoid accidental taps in the wrong place

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