Send data to external API's with custom HTTP requests

Sending and receiving data between third party services and Composer 2 apps is a core feature. This week we're rolling out a major new feature that will let your app send data to any external HTTP API.

  • Receive data via External Triggers (webhooks)

Two weeks ago we released custom triggers, which allow data to be brought into your app via webhooks. You can read more behind the link, but basically custom triggers create unique, public-facing URLs that can receive data via HTTP POST. The received data can then be used in automation actions to e.g. create new records. We also rolled out the first version of the custom HTTP request action, but it was limited in scope (e.g. only POST method was supported).

  • Fully custom HTTP requests

Now the custom HTTP request action type supports all HTTP methods, custom headers, custom body content, basic auth and variable interpolation for all fields.

As an example, I can now create an automation that when a customer record is updated, the system does a PUT to, where :id is replaced with the updated record's id value.


Example of updating customer name and email via the HTTP request action

Added: Automation: Custom HTTP request action (see guide).

Harri Sarsa

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