Spreadsheet and public website data imports

We want to make it as easy as possible to bring in the data your app needs, regardless of source.

That's why the major update this week is two new content source options and update to make bringing in data from REST APIs easier. Now, when creating a new content source, you have the following options.


New content sources types


In-app forms haven't changed: they let you create a custom resource, with the fields you select, to collect data directly from your app's users via in-app forms.

  • API

The API resource configurator has been redone, with a magical setup tool that lets you simply paste in an URL that returns a JSON array of individual records. If you need more complex setup, you can also access the advanced mode directly from the content source wizard.


Spreadsheet import in CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format is also available. You can easily export your Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet files to CSV format from the respective tools.

Simply drag in the CSV file to import (or click to browse for files), and the data is made available in your app as a new resource.

*Note: The column names row (i.e. the first row in your CSV file) must contain the names for each column. The column names can only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z and 0-9). Also, only the comma , is allowed as a column delimiter, ;, space and other characters will not work. *


You can also input the URL for a public website. We'll go through the website and try to create a resource out of the data available. Try it out!

Added: Content: CSV import content source Added: Content: Scrape a Website content source
Improved: Content: Configuring a REST API is now more magical
Fixed: Navigation: Changing the order of navigation menu items no longer behaves inconsistently
Fixed: Pages: Fixed issue where removing pages would not navigate away from the deleted page
Added: Tasks module: Basic filters
Added: Multi-Column List: Sort data by clicking on column title on web
Fixed: Modules: Similar bugfixes to Minifeed, Tasks, Comments, and Multi-Column Lists modules.

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